My story of beginning to make money online though affiliate marketing.

My name is Rob Devlin and I’m married with three son’s and live in the U.K.

I first got interested in Internet Marketing in 2017. Before then I have been involved in a few businesses to varying degrees of success. I once owned a small gym which I sold in 2015, as it was struggling due to increased local competition. I decided then that I wanted to work from home, without any staff, stock, employees, or premises. It seemed a natural step to start an online supplement business, but that didn’t really take off.

Then in 2017 I discovered Affiliate Marketing and decided that that was the business I wanted to learn. I could recognize the potential and liked the ideas of making money online, working from home, and potentially making money while I sleep! Unfortunately, after a couple of months of learning about Affiliate marketing generally, I had to stop learning due to a serious medical issue .

At the end of June 2017, I had a minor brain hemorrhage! Long story short, it had been caused by a very rare abnormality that apparently only three people per million get. I was very lucky as it is usually found by a coroner when you are dead! A year later (and a few brain procedures), I had fully recovered and decided to start learning Affiliate Marketing again as I had pretty much forgotten everything I had previously learnt.

I was as determined as ever to succeed at Affiliate Marketing and read as much as I could. As I learnt I would buy any products that I thought could help me in my business. I joined a training course and started learning how to start a blog. Six months later and I have learnt quite a lot as I consider myself a non-techy. My goal is to review and recommend quality Affiliate products to help people start and grow their own Affiliate Marketing business.

Getting started in Affiliate Marketing. Building your Affiliate Blog.

Building your Affiliate Blog

Once you have chosen your domain name and hosting provider, the next step is to install WordPress which is quite easy and you just follow the instructions from your hosting company. As mentioned on the previous post I use 1&1 and I recommend them because their deal was the best, their customer service is good and it is easy to set up WordPress with them. The deal I used is Managed WP Essential, which is about $2 per month and includes the domain name and SSL certificate – other suppliers charge several times as much for the same products!

Once you have installed WordPress you will need to choose a Theme. There are many themes to choose from and many are free. I chose a free one and it is OK (the one I chose was Exoplanet). Once you have chosen a theme, you click Install to use it. After that you can start customizing your theme and basically choosing how the page is going to look. This may take some time to learn all the different settings – it took me some time but it is part of the learning experience. Remember, you are setting up a business and some things take longer and are more difficult than others, so you do have to work at your business a little.

Writing your Affiliate Blog

When you are finished with the customize settings, you can start writing. Writing in a blog involves using the editor. At the time of writing we are on WordPress version 5 which I think is really good. You basically write in blocks of paragraphs or headings (but you can also add images, or video etc). You insert a Block and choose what will be in the block, e.g. a paragraph of text. As you can probably see, I like using a clear medium sized text as I personally don’t like reading small text and find it annoying. With regard to writing style, I like to write in a conversational style – as if I am talking to the reader. I know I like reading text that has been written that way so I have adopted that style. You can choose whatever style you prefer but the best recommendations I would suggest is to be honest and be yourself and you will get respect and more followers.

Writing about your niche

When you are writing about your niche area, it is probably a good idea to plan out what you are going to write about within the niche. For example you might start with writing an introduction post about the niche, and what are the main areas and benefits of that niche. Then I would move on to a post on the various areas or topics of that niche, starting with the basics and then each blog post could be a different topic of the niche. You could then decide to go deeper and write a more detailed post about each topic. With each post you are building until you build a blog that people like to read and follow, they spend time on it and keep coming back to read more content.

Adding more than text

As you can see I have not added images or video yet as I have not felt the need to. I will when I feel it is required but you can do whatever you prefer. Headings are important as they break up paragraphs well and Google likes them. The whole idea of a blog is to write quality useful content about whatever your niche is so that you get visitors, build a following and gradually start to make money online through Affiliate Marketing. That could be links to useful Affiliate products that you recommend or something like a book or course of your own. Don’t forget, whatever your niche is, there are people searching for that niche and I think that is why an Affiliate blog is a great online business as it is closely linked to Affiliate Marketing.

Useful Free Plugins

One of the great things about WordPress is that there are hundreds of Plugins that can help with almost every imaginable task you want to do. I presently use several free Plugins on my site and since the main role of my blog is to help my followers succeed at their Affiliate Marketing business, I will now recommend some of them. To get a plugin just hover your mouse over the Plugins word on the left column and click ‘add new’. Type in the search for the one you want to find and when you’ve found it click ‘Install’. Then you click ‘activate’

Yoast SEO

The first free Plugin I recommend is Yoast SEO, as the name suggests, it is to assist the SEO (search engine optimization) of your site. Search engine optimization is to improve your site so that search engines, Google in particular, can find your site and therefore improve your ranking on the search engine, which leads to free traffic, more readers, and subsequently more customers. Yoast also advises on your quality of writing and many other things so it is very useful.

A few other useful plugins

Here I will add a few other useful plugins that I use and are some of the first I recommend you add to your WordPress blog. If you recall earlier I mentioned that with 1&1 you get an SSL certificate when you take their hosting plan which many other companies charge $5 per month for! The next plugin helps you to use the SSL certificate. It’s name is Really Simple SSL and it basically helps you to apply your SSL certificate to your site. When the certificate is applied your site domain will change from ‘http’, to ‘https’. The ‘s’ stands for secure and not only are people happier to be on a secure site for obvious reasons, but Google likes it as well and it is better for your Google search ranking.

Another useful plugin is ‘a3 easy load’ which just increases the load speed for your site. This keeps visitors happy because your site will load faster and again Google like that as well. Another useful plugin is Antispam Bee that stops spam.

Finally, as you can see I have mentioned SEO a few times and it is important as this is the way you can improve your search engine ranking and get visitors for free and grow your Affiliate Marketing business. SEO is the subject of the next post so look out for that.

How to get started in Affiliate Marketing. Your first steps…

Your First Step – Choosing a Niche.

First of all, as mentioned in a previous post you need to choose your niche. If you are undecided on what niche to choose then I recommend the book on the previous post (What is Affiliate Marketing?) which is full of loads of ideas. There are probably hundreds of niches that you could make money with. There are several very large niches such as Make Money Online, Health and Fitness, Dating & Relationships, and many smaller niches that could also be very profitable. If you don’t want to get the book I recommended, for potential niche ideas I recommend Clickbank. You may have heard of Clickbank, they are the biggest Affiliate Marketing Network, probably because most niches are on there. If you have any interests or hobbies, they probably are a niche in their own right and whatever niche you choose will probably be on Clickbank. If the unlikely event that the niche you choose is not on Clickbank, simply search ‘[your niche] affiliate products.’

Your Next Step – Starting a Blog.

Affiliate Marketing like any other online enterprise is an online business. And as with nearly every online business the place to start is with a website. From my research almost every experienced Affiliate Marketer recommends that you start, as I have done, with a blog. Your blog doesn’t need to be like mine as you may have a niche you’re already knowledgeable on which you can write about. A popular type of blog that is recommended by several established Affiliate Marketers is the Product Review blog. This is where you review products in your particular niche and if the product review is good and the product looks useful and good value, the reader may buy it and you earn a commission.

The whole idea of my blog, LowCostSetUps, is to recommend the best low cost way to set up a business to make money online. The business I have chosen is Affiliate Marketing. But Low Cost does not mean No Cost. As with any business start up, it is virtually impossible to set up a small business without spending some money. What I look for is excellent value and to reach my goals without spending too much money. And remember, any money spent on a business set up is a necessary initial investment, however small, and will quickly be returned once the business starts to make money.

What you need to start a Blog website.

Once you have chosen your niche, the next step is to set up a blog. A blog is a simple, inexpensive website. You probably know that to have a website you need a domain name and a hosting company to store your website (blog) on their server (computer). I researched several of the most popular hosting companies who also provide domain names. (You don’t need a separate company and in fact it is probably cheaper not to use a separate company). I looked at Go Daddy, Namecheap, Hostgator, Bluehost and 1&1.

After careful comparison of who was giving the best deal, I chose 1&1. The reasons I chose 1&1 are because they gave by far the best value by giving a lot more stuff for less money. Their hosting was the cheapest at about $2 per month! That also included the .com domain name, WordPress (the blog software nearly everybody recommends) and something called a SSL certificate. A SSL certificate is needed by Google to get the secure ‘https’ prefix that Google wants. If your website has the https prefix it is secure (and gets the little padlock logo) and Google looks favorably at this and rewards you with better search engine ranking. The visitors to your blog/site may also be more comfortable knowing the site is secure. Some hosting companies charge an additional $5 per month just for the SSL certificate alone! So I would say the deal from 1&1 is excellent and highly recommended.

In my opinion the Managed WordPress hosting deal with 1&1 is excellent value. It was also quite easy to set up the WordPress blog. If a non-techy like me can do it on 1&1, anyone can! I have been with them for a few months now and they are one of the best I have dealt with. I am happy I chose them, I have had no problems and the speed of the site is good. I highly recommend them, here is their link: 1&1 ionos.

Since I have checked probably the top four hosting companies I will list one more here as they are also great value, have great customer support, WordPress, and SSL certificates.
I have used Bluehost before and they are very good and so I will recommend them as well, their link is here: Bluehost.

When choosing a domain name you can just use your name (as many people do in the make money online niche) or do like I did to try to express your goal from the blog. For example if your niche was Yoga, it could be something like YogaForBeginners. By the way try to get a .com as it is the preferred type of domain name as it adds a bit of credibility and is global as opposed to a country location. If there is no .com available you could go for a .net or .org. as these are also global.

In the next post I will be telling you what I found is the most useful things to do and to get for your shiny new WordPress blog. The next post is now live so you can read it. It is called Getting started in Affiliate Marketing. Building your Affiliate Blog. In the meantime don’t forget to Get the Free Course at the top of the page.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is promoting a product or service for a commission.  It is really a form of Internet Marketing. When a person chooses to have the product or service promoted, a commission is paid to the promoter, the Affiliate Marketer.

What are the main types of Affiliate Marketing?

There is really three main types of Affiliate Marketing.  Firstly there is what I will call normal Affiliate Marketing, where a digital product or service, usually of a particular niche is promoted for a commission. 

The second main type is known as CPA Affiliate Marketing.  This is similar to normal Affiliate Marketing in that it is usually digital products or services, but the difference with CPA Affiliate Marketing is that the product or service is usually free and therefore the commission is usually significantly less.   

The third main type of Affiliate Marketing I will describe is the Amazon Associates program.  Obviously this is promoting Amazon products, which could be digital or physical products from Amazon’s website.  There are probably similar programs to the Amazon program from other large e-commerce sites (such as Shopify etc.), but  Amazon is such a huge online retailer that I think it’s program deserves to be considered one of the main types of Affiliate Marketing.

Which type of Affiliate Marketing is best?

Like many things, everyone has their favorite.  The main difference between normal Affiliate Marketing, CPA, and Amazon is the commission levels.  Normal Affiliate Marketing can typically be a commission anywhere between 10% and 100%.  Yes, some commissions are actually 100%! 

Amazon Affiliate commission is only 4%, rising to 8%.  This small commission probably puts some people off promoting Amazon products as not worthwhile, but it is more interesting than that.  What appears to be fairly unique about the Amazon Associates program is that if an Affiliate promotes a product that a person buys, the affiliate ALSO gets commission for anything else that person buys on Amazon on that day!  Obviously this could boost the Affiliate Marketer’s commission substantially!

CPA Affiliate Marketing is different again.  As mentioned earlier, with CPA Affiliate Marketing the product or service is usually free, and with this type of Affiliate Marketing, the commission is typically a fixed amount rather than a percentage, e.g. $1.50 to $100.  To make money online with CPA Affiliate Marketing you would obviously have to get a lot of people to take the free product or service that pays $1.50.  Alternatively, you wouldn’t need many people to take the free product or service that pays $100!  Typically these would be larger commitment items such as Loans and Mortgages.  

I would say that it is obvious that Affiliate Marketing has huge money making potential and is worth learning.  It is clear that you could make a lot of money online if you learn to do Affiliate Marketing well.  In fact from my research I have learnt that many people are making SIX FIGURES or SEVEN FIGURES per year – that’s at least $100,000 or $1,000,000 per year!  In fact I know of at least one person that has took Affiliate Marketing to the next level and has offices in three countries, employing over 100 people, with a turnover of over $100 Million. 

Learn Affiliate Marketing

Most of the people earning high levels are doing what I call normal Affiliate Marketing and it is that type of Affiliate Marketing that I will concentrate on in the next posts. If you want to Learn Affiliate Marketing then check out my next post ‘How to get started in Affiliate Marketing. Your first steps.’ As it suggests, it is my first post on How to Learn Affiliate Marketing and I will be building on it so that this blog will become a step by step beginners course on Affiliate Marketing from the ground up, i.e. starting from scratch.

If you are considering a niche for Affiliate Marketing or any Online Business I recommend the book I read ‘Internet Business Insights’ which is full of lots of interesting ideas on how to make money online.  The links are below:

Don’t forget to Get the Free Course: ‘How I Earn Money Online!’ It is by a top Internet Marketer and is normally $67. Get it Free while you can! There is also a menu at the top with recommended affiliate products and Free Plugins.


Rob Devlin.


How to Make Money Online. Online Business Ideas and choosing a niche market.

How to choose an Online business.

There are so many ways that people Make Money Online it is unbelievable.  At the bottom of this page I recommend a book called ‘Internet Business Insights’ which is an excellent compilation of interviews with various people who have set up very successful online businesses.

I am going to list some of the most common ways to make money online, giving the positive and negative points about each and I will rate them out of five on Set Up Cost, Difficulty, and Potential Profitability. Some of them I have tried myself and others I have considered for the future.  Finally, I will end the list with the one I believe is the best overall, which I will cover in future posts and will help you to learn it. Subscribe by getting the Free course at the top of the page and I will send you my monthly posts on my latest findings!

OK here we go…

Online Business Ideas


I have tried ebay and didn’t have much success.  I found it a pain in the ass and very competitive.  I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you have, or know of a product that is in demand but has little or no competition.  In which case Ebay could be OK to get started and then you would be better setting up your own e-commerce website taking Paypal or credit cards as a payment method.  I am not a big fan of selling physical products because of the hassles of shipping, but dropshipping is a possible alternative. Cost: 3/5, Difficulty 3/5, Potential Profit: 2/5.


I also tried selling on Amazon, actually before ebay and I found it quite difficult to set up and competitive.  In fact I have heard of cases where if a product is selling really well on there, Amazon start selling it themselves!  That’s a very big competitor! I would say Amazon is better and more professional than Ebay especially since you can get them to hold and send stock for you, known as Amazon FBA. Amazon will also close buyers accounts if they abuse sellers whereas Ebay does not.            Cost: 3/5, Difficulty 3/5, Potential Profit: 3/5.


I think blogging has a lot of potential. It is relatively easy to do and is low cost to set up.  This is a blog and cost very little to set up (more on that in the next post).  Firstly, you need to decide on your niche subject for your blog.  Perhaps you work in a specialist industry, or have a hobby or interest that you are good at, or like me, you are writing about the subject you are learning and educating readers about the best steps to take.  Whatever niche you choose, plan what you would like to write about and how you could possibly make money from it .e.g. perhaps offering a course to your subscribers or recommending helpful products.  Writing a blog is not hard work but it probably takes time to get ranking on Google and followers, but as it builds it could become a good business. If you don’t know what niche or subject to use check out the excellent book full of ideas at the bottom of the page. Cost: 1/5, Difficulty 1/5, Potential Profit: 4/5.

Becoming an Author

Amazon has made becoming an author a lot easier than it used to be.  Writing a book is many people’s dream, and now there are thousands of authors self publishing on Amazon. I wrote a book, edited it, put it up on Kindle and Amazon books, and it wasn’t too difficult.  I was incredibly proud of myself but actually selling it was the hard part!  I believe writing has a lot of potential and it is something I will return to in the future.  It is not too costly to do and not too difficult (although does take time to write a book unless you get someone to write it for you!). The hard part is getting your book to sell and there are online courses to help you with that. Cost: 1/5, Difficulty 2/5, Potential Profit: 3/5.

Affiliate Marketing

Yes, after researching and considering several areas, and trying a few ways to make money online, I have decided that Affiliate Marketing is the winner.  Affiliate Marketing is a much bigger industry than most people realize and there are several different areas of Affiliate Marketing.   I chose Affiliate Marketing as the best way to make money online for several reasons.  It can be done from home (or anywhere in fact), you don’t need to keep any stock, you don’t need to have any staff, it is a Low Cost Set Up, and it has a huge potential profit, and is easy to scale up (grow).  There are many people making millions of dollars per year from Affiliate Marketing!  Some have even grown to substantial sized businesses employing hundreds of people, turning over $100 Million+! Cost: 1/5, Difficulty 3/5, Potential Profit: 5/5.

What is a Niche market?

Obviously, the above is just a brief list of the most common online businesses, which could go on much more, and are the areas I have looked at. The first thing you need to do to start considering Affiliate Marketing or any other online business is consider possible niche areas, and choose one to do.  A niche is a subset of a broad market. For example, Health & Fitness is a large broad market, and a niche of that is Weight Loss. If you are not sure what niche or subject area you want to Make Money Online from, I strongly recommend the book below, ‘Internet Business Insights’.  I have read this book and found it amazing how many different ways and niches that people are using to profitably make money online.  It’s a fantastic resource for online business ideas. It is no surprise that Affiliate Marketing is mentioned many times. The kindle version is obviously lower cost and has useful website links.  Look out for my next post:What is Affiliate Marketing?‘ 

In addition to advising on ways to make money online, I am also recommending quality products I use to help in your business. As mentioned I believe Affiliate Blogging is one of the best online businesses to start and the products I recommend as useful for that online business. You can find the recommended products on the sidebar on the right and the menu at the top (also below if you are reading on a mobile phone).

You can also find Free WordPress Plugins on the menus. Finally there is also a Free Course by a top Internet Marketer, which is worth $67, on the blue banner at the top.

Regards, until next time,

Rob Devlin.

Here is the Amazon links to the book I recommend.