How to Make Money Online. What to do and How to do it.

Make Money Online – Introduction

Welcome to Low Cost Set Ups.  If you want to learn how to make money online from the ground up then you have found a great place to start.  Following this blog could save you a lot of time and frustration of learning by mistakes. Over the next few posts I will show you what I have learnt from my time in Internet Marketing. I will tell you what I have found to be the best things to do, the steps to take, what tools you need, and how you go about it.

Apparently, most people interested in make money online end up not making money and give up. If you follow this blog and take the action I recommend, you won’t be that person that gives up. As with starting any new enterprise, it takes work, persistence, and costs some money (as it does setting up any small business), but not a lot. In time you should learn, make gradual progress, and eventually start making money. Remember ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day!’

I have chosen the name ‘’  because I intend to show my followers how to make money online by using low cost ways to set up an online business.  In addition to guiding you on what to do, I am recommending quality products that I use myself. They are listed on the right sidebar (below if you are reading on a mobile phone) and on the menu at the top (and bottom on a mobile phone). In addition there are some Free Plugins on the menu as well. Finally there is also a Free Course (worth $67) by a top Internet Marketer. I think it is fair to say I’m giving great value!

The ideal Online Business

In my opinion the ideal online business is one that makes a significant amount of money in an easy, simple way.  A business that is simple enough to run from a laptop on the beach! A business that makes a decent amount of money, without having any partners, employees, or stock. I believe that with that type of online business it is possible to live a fantastic lifestyle but with zero stress.  Like any new business, it takes work, perseverance, and some money to start it and get it going. The ideal online business is one that is automated as much as possible. When you automate your online business you can make a passive income. When you have a business that makes money while you sleep, you know you have a great business. Follow me and I will show you the business to start and tell you what to do so that you start a profitable online business and you will be able to achieve it easier, quicker and at less cost.

Luckily I have already done quite a bit of research so you will be able to take shortcuts and not make my earlier mistakes.  I have looked into several different ways to making money online and I’ve tried a few which were either too difficult or a waste of time.  I think I have found the best and relatively easy ways to make money online and will put them on the next post.  I am not a technical person so I will be keeping things simple on this blog and in my recommendations.

Check out my next post… ‘How to Make Money Online | Business Ideas | Choosing a Niche market.’ Don’t Forget to get one of the FREE PLUGINS from the menu at the top and I will let you know when the next post is published and I will send you some Free gifts and more over the coming weeks. Enjoy!

Regards for now…until next time,

Rob Devlin.