CTA Bots Review

Get more Traffic, Sales & Commissions.

CTA Bots is the World’s first animated speaking scarcity bot. With this new technology you can easily place an eye-catching animated speaking robot on your web page.

This amazing robot instantly gets your visitors attention and you can literally tell them what you would like them to do. For example you could tell the bot to say “Click the button below for your free ebook” or “Learn how to do (whatever) with this amazing course” and a button to the product. The possible uses are endless.

You can choose from a selection of different bots, different actions, and different languages (various English accents plus Spanish, French, Italian, and German). As well as adding a call to action button of your choice, you can also add a countdown timer to add urgency and encourage your customers to act now before they lose out.

The creators of this amazing software have also added a free CTA Jacker plugin. This is also amazing in that it enables you to put your CTA (call to action) bot on almost any other website (not yours)! That is powerful. It is also virtually unblockable. There is also a very interesting social media traffic method included inside the software that uses the CTA Jacker.

I highly recommend this game changing technology software that should really help your business. Click the image below for all the details.

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