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Adds urgency to your offers.

Have you ever been on a website and seen a little notice pop-up showing you how many people have bought or is looking at the site? Have you noticed that you immediately start thinking ‘lots of people are interested in this!’ or ‘this must be good, it’s very popular!’, or even ‘If I don’t get this now, I might miss out!’ If you thought like that you just felt urgency.

Currently Viewing is a WordPress Plugin that has been designed to add urgency to your Affiliate offers. That sense of urgency is a powerful psychological sales tactic often used without people realizing it. By adding Currently Viewing to your blog you can add the powerful sense of urgency to your offers, which could potentially increase sales.

Most people with a Blog make money through Affiliate links and anything that could increase sales through those links is definitely worth having. If you want to increase sales or any other action from your blog visitors, I highly recommend you get this WordPress Plugin now for FREE. Click below to get this useful plugin.

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