Instant Video Pages review

As you are probably aware, video is the best way to sell something online. If you are not using video landing pages you are losing potential sales. Video landing pages typically lead to far more sales than non-video landing pages. Instant Video Pages enables you to quickly, easily and effectively create video landing pages, in as little as 60 seconds.

You can easily choose a professional looking video background for your video. Then you can add a heading, add a call to action button and even include a countdown timer to add urgency (e.g. click below to get this bonus before the timer ends). It is also the case that adding urgency such as a timer, leads to more sales than without added urgency.

Instant Video Pages was created by one of the top Internet Marketers, Brett Rutecky. Brett is known for creating and supporting his own software, especially when he encounters a problem that a good software can fix.

This software was created to simplify video landing pages so you can make them in minutes, not hours. This software will help you make professional looking video landing pages with added urgency to get you more sales.

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