A High Quality reliable Email platform without Monthly Fees!

myMailit is a full function, cloud based email autoresponder platform package. It gives you better deliver rates and open rates than some of the most expensive email packages, which is the most important part of any email platform. The most well known email packages charge high monthly fees, but myMailit doesn’t have ANY monthly fees!

If you want to make money online as an Internet Marketer, your most valuable asset is your email list. All Internet Marketers have a high quality email platform to communicate with their list, and if you want to succeed, you need to have an email package you can rely on that will deliver your emails.

myMailit has been made by a top 7-Figure Internet Marketer, for Internet Marketers. He needed an email package he could rely on after being let down by two of the most popular providers. He uses myMailit, and if it is good enough for him, it is good enough for anyone in the Internet Marketing space. Don’t risk your business and your most valuable asset with a provider that can effectively close you down without explanation. myMailit is updated and supported by that same person and he can quickly adapt to changes in the Internet Marketing space.

With myMailit you pay a one time price and you can send unlimited emails, have unlimited lists, build opt-in forms, lead pages, reports, and much more. With the other email providers, you pay a monthly fee and as your list grows, so does the monthly fees!

I started out using Mailchimp (because it was free) but they have changed their rules and now want to charge me every month! I struggled along avoiding their monthly fees, but then they stopped me sending emails! They closed down my business! That is just wrong and stressful! I would not recomend Mailchimp at all. I find myMailit is much easier to use than Mailchimp, with NO monthly fees, and better deliver rates. Don’t risk getting your business closed down.

I really recommend you consider this great product. Click the image below to get the full details:

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