Slidecapture Free WP Plugin

Turn visitors into Customers!

Slide Capture is a clever WordPress Plugin that was designed to prevent your blog visitors from ‘bouncing out’, which means leaving quickly! It is well known that if you don’t get someone’s attention within a few seconds, they are likely to leave your site,usually straight away. Your blog is likely to get free visitors from SEO or wherever and it is a shame to lose them without getting their email address!

Slide Capture grabs your visitor’s attention without being annoying or obtrusive (as pop-ups can be). Slide Capture discreetly slides onto the page they are looking at and can auto play a video which is really good at getting attention. You can then give them something in exchange for their email address or have an affiliate link or something else, it is up to you.

Your visitor can click the button for the offer they are presented with or simply close the box and it will slide off again and they can carry on without being disturbed. Once set up, Slide Capture will appear on all your pages and posts. You can also set a re-show amount so that a visitor will only see the Slide Capture slider as often as you decide. Slide Capture is proven to work and can help increase your email list, sales, and SEO ranking (as Google likes visitors staying on your site, not bouncing out).

Click the image below to find out more and get this effective WordPress Plugin.

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