How to get started in Affiliate Marketing. Your first steps…

Your First Step – Choosing a Niche.

First of all, as mentioned in a previous post you need to choose your niche. If you are undecided on what niche to choose then I recommend the book on the previous post (What is Affiliate Marketing?) which is full of loads of ideas. There are probably hundreds of niches that you could make money with. There are several very large niches such as Make Money Online, Health and Fitness, Dating & Relationships, and many smaller niches that could also be very profitable. If you don’t want to get the book I recommended, for potential niche ideas I recommend Clickbank. You may have heard of Clickbank, they are the biggest Affiliate Marketing Network, probably because most niches are on there. If you have any interests or hobbies, they probably are a niche in their own right and whatever niche you choose will probably be on Clickbank. If the unlikely event that the niche you choose is not on Clickbank, simply search ‘[your niche] affiliate products.’

Your Next Step – Starting a Blog.

Affiliate Marketing like any other online enterprise is an online business. And as with nearly every online business the place to start is with a website. From my research almost every experienced Affiliate Marketer recommends that you start, as I have done, with a blog. Your blog doesn’t need to be like mine as you may have a niche you’re already knowledgeable on which you can write about. A popular type of blog that is recommended by several established Affiliate Marketers is the Product Review blog. This is where you review products in your particular niche and if the product review is good and the product looks useful and good value, the reader may buy it and you earn a commission.

The whole idea of my blog, LowCostSetUps, is to recommend the best low cost way to set up a business to make money online. The business I have chosen is Affiliate Marketing. But Low Cost does not mean No Cost. As with any business start up, it is virtually impossible to set up a small business without spending some money. What I look for is excellent value and to reach my goals without spending too much money. And remember, any money spent on a business set up is a necessary initial investment, however small, and will quickly be returned once the business starts to make money.

What you need to start a Blog website.

Once you have chosen your niche, the next step is to set up a blog. A blog is a simple, inexpensive website. You probably know that to have a website you need a domain name and a hosting company to store your website (blog) on their server (computer). I researched several of the most popular hosting companies who also provide domain names. (You don’t need a separate company and in fact it is probably cheaper not to use a separate company). I looked at Go Daddy, Namecheap, Hostgator, Bluehost and 1&1.

After careful comparison of who was giving the best deal, I chose 1&1. The reasons I chose 1&1 are because they gave by far the best value by giving a lot more stuff for less money. Their hosting was the cheapest at about $2 per month! That also included the .com domain name, WordPress (the blog software nearly everybody recommends) and something called a SSL certificate. A SSL certificate is needed by Google to get the secure ‘https’ prefix that Google wants. If your website has the https prefix it is secure (and gets the little padlock logo) and Google looks favorably at this and rewards you with better search engine ranking. The visitors to your blog/site may also be more comfortable knowing the site is secure. Some hosting companies charge an additional $5 per month just for the SSL certificate alone! So I would say the deal from 1&1 is excellent and highly recommended.

In my opinion the Managed WordPress hosting deal with 1&1 is excellent value. It was also quite easy to set up the WordPress blog. If a non-techy like me can do it on 1&1, anyone can! I have been with them for a few months now and they are one of the best I have dealt with. I am happy I chose them, I have had no problems and the speed of the site is good. I highly recommend them, here is their link: 1&1 ionos.

Since I have checked probably the top four hosting companies I will list one more here as they are also great value, have great customer support, WordPress, and SSL certificates.
I have used Bluehost before and they are very good and so I will recommend them as well, their link is here: Bluehost.

When choosing a domain name you can just use your name (as many people do in the make money online niche) or do like I did to try to express your goal from the blog. For example if your niche was Yoga, it could be something like YogaForBeginners. By the way try to get a .com as it is the preferred type of domain name as it adds a bit of credibility and is global as opposed to a country location. If there is no .com available you could go for a .net or .org. as these are also global.

In the next post I will be telling you what I found is the most useful things to do and to get for your shiny new WordPress blog. The next post is now live so you can read it. It is called Getting started in Affiliate Marketing. Building your Affiliate Blog. In the meantime don’t forget to Get the Free Course at the top of the page.