Profit Canvas

An All Inclusive Affiliate Marketing Package.

Wow! Profit Canvas is such an immense product I almost don’t know where to start. I will start with the Page builder. The Page builder part of this software is excellent. It comes with a huge selection of really good templates, it is a drag and drop product that makes it easy to quickly build a fantastic Landing Page, Squeeze Page, Sales Page or whatever kind of page you like. The best part I like about the page builder part of Profit Canvas is the fact that the page you build has it’s own URL. That is so cool and I love it. This part of Profit Canvas is probably the best page builder you can buy.

Now onto the other parts of Profit Canvas. The second part of Profit Canvas I will talk about is the video enhancement. With Profit Canvas you can add call to action lower third graphics to your videos. So let’s say you make a video for Youtube, by using the video part of Profit Canvas you can simply add clickable buttons or banners that could take the viewer to an affiliate product, your website, or wherever. You can even add an opt-in form onto your video that can be directly linked up to major autoresponders! That is really powerful. You could literally build your email list directly from your videos. You can also add a countdown timer (to add urgency) or a Paypal button to your videos!

The third part is the Live Webinar Presentation. I am sure you have been on a webinar and the reason they are used is that they are great for selling to many people at once as you can really get your full message out. Well with Profit Canvas YOU can have your own Live Webinars. By linking up with Google Hangouts, Profit Canvas enables you to run live webinars without the huge costs that many people have to pay to use the well known live webinar services.

Next there is a clever pop-up part to Profit Canvas that is something else. You can design elegant pop-ups that are not spammy, but get this – you can put them on other peoples websites! They could contain buttons, opt-ins, video, countdown timers, or affiliate links. Think about the power of that. You could be getting people to your site from other sites.

And finally, there is an extensive training course included. This is not just about how to use the product parts (obviously it has several parts), but how to make money as an affiliate, how to launch your own products, how to build a list, and much much more.

Profit Canvas is no ordinary software package. It is much more. When it was first released it was sold for $497 and in my opinion, worth every penny. I have a special agreement with the makers and you can now get it at an amazing price. I strongly recommend you check out this fantastic package and see how much you can get it for.